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Every minister has a peculiar mandate; there is a goal that we all are pursuing. From the many years I have spent in the ministry, I have discovered, recognized and observed that every one; both the poor and the rich, the wicked and the good man, the young and old, the powerful and powerless, the homeless and he who has a home, the black and the white and every one of different race, nationalities and tongue are all the same. They all share one common purpose – to be loved and made whole… again!

These birth the ultimate goal I have always been running with; which is, “to bring as many people as possible into christ as possible and to reach lost souls through the teaching of God.”


“To expand God’s kingdom with spirit-filled, graceful and redeemed individuals through the undiluted word of God.”


To renew, restore and empower those who are bound and lost by the holy spirit.”


24 1 Kings 18: 24  “Then you call on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the Lord; and the God who answers by fire, He is God.”

“Man of Fire” was given to me through the Holy Spirit, prayer, fasting and deliverance.

It happened that the God who answers fire with fire, ignited a fire in my spirit. The fire that burns with a passion to serve the people.

I want you to know this that, I’ve made mistakes just like you. I have failed too. I have gone wrong on some things I thought I was right. Just like you too, I have been rejected, disappointed and neglected. I need to tell you this too, I have sinned just like you too but Jesus has washed them with His blood.

“Man of Fire” is a name of redemption; given to me to cause that liberation via fire!


This world is full of problems, challenges and sorrow.

Every right, left, center is filled with negativites; evil, neglects, dejection. Disappointments and the related.

My commitment therefore, as he that was sent, is to teach you how to live for God in spite of the world’s trials, tribulations,, disease, stress, depression, brokenness, family trauma, addiction, loneliness and other strongholds you find yourself struggling through.

This is my commitment! This is what I live for!

How do I become a partner?

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Pastor George Williams is a man of God who has devoted and committed himself to the things of God.
For over 25 years, he has been going about with his healing and deliverance service and for over 39 years; with his wife, Pastor Lady Sharon Williams, they have been pastoring the Miracle Power Ministries.

Some of his favorites quotes are:
“God created us in his own image; that means, we are in physical and spiritual form of Jesus. We are not his duplicate; we are god!”

“The power of God is in your brain and what you think.. How you think is what you have thought of. What you think of is what you have seen.”

“What you think is how you feel. How you feel determines how much faith you’d have.”

“When you do a physical change from things of the world, there is an automatic spiritual change to things of God.”

Globally, he is known as “Man of Fire”.



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